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Bryant Truong is responsible for coordinating resources, scheduling and providing photo and video solutions to clients. In addition he is also a photographer and videographer.

Since the beginning, Bryant has focused on simplicity and creativity of capturing photos and film. His drive to work in the wedding industry has been due to the fast pace dynamics of the events; there’s also nothing better than hearing someone compliment the finished product.

His  awareness of lighting, composition, and ability to work well with others is key to providing amazing photos and videos.

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Lisa Ngo is a business partner of Urbaners. She is responsible for business strategy, marketing, operations, as well as the lead person for photography.

Lisa’s style of photography focuses on simple, natural lighting. She understands the big picture and is diligent about driving the day-of schedule.

She finds great satisfaction when capturing challenging situations successfully or finding the candid moments no one else sees; to be able to capture these memories, immortalize them, and relive them forever is what draws her to photography.